Best Trading Books

I think trading books should be broken into categories and I will make this post much more of a list than an actual write up. No affiliate links here just actual good content.


Psychology – think the topic is silly but these are essential

Mark Douglas:  Trading in the Zone

Mark Douglas: Disciplined Trader

Alex Elder : Trading for a Living


History – must read for all traders

Jack Schwager – Market Wizards Series

Edwin Lefevre: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator


System Trading – Essentials for success

Murray Ruggerio: Cybernetic Trading Strategies

Larry Williams: Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading

Emilio Tomasini: Trading Systems

Michael Covel: Complete Turtle Trader


Indicators – I am obsessed

Kirk Northington: Volatility Based Technical Analysis

Perry Kaufman: Trading Systems and Methods (could be in both categories but this bible has every indicator known to man in it)



Nicholas Nassim Taleb: Black Swan